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Dental Implants – A Blessing in Disguise and Dental Surgery in India

As compared to other parts of the body, we pay the least amount of attention to our teeth till we get alarming signals. After a visit to the Dentist which is always long overdue in any case, we promise ourselves to be more particular in future but once we get busy in our daily activities […]

Plates and Fractures

The various bones and fracture positions dictate the different types of plate available. The DCP or dynamic compression plate and the screw holes allow compression of the fracture site to be applied as the screws are tightened up in the angled screw holes. Small plates are used to fix the lateral malleolus of the ankle […]

Hip Arthritis In India – Resurfacing And Proxima Hip Replacements as Treatment Options For Young

Hip arthritis in India affects young and middle aged persons unlike the west where Primary hip osteoarthritis predominantly affects the elderly. Surgery in this group of relatively younger patients requires newer techniques and implants. This article will shed light on the disease and the current modalities of treatment available. Types of Hip arthritis Hip arthritis […]

Back Pain Linked to Knee Pain

Many people struggle with knee pain but health experts say that pain you’re having may actually be caused by a back problem. Neal Trottier, a physical therapist … source

Popular Places For Medical Tourism

Medical tourists from different countries travel for health care purposes to those countries having quality healthcare services at reasonable prices. So they spend extra money on travel, health care and accommodations on the places of treatment. Medical tourism is an old concept because thousands of years ago people traveled for medical purposes or for spiritual […]