The nursing home environment is designed to provide as much comfort and convenience as possible for its elderly residents. The elderly have different needs than young people, so furniture should be chosen with these needs in mind. This includes chairs that have higher seats and are easier to get in and out of, as well as chairs that are waterproof to make spills and accidents easier to clean up.

We have a full range of products that will be suitable for any nursing home, including high seated chairs, waterproof chairs, high backed chairs and much more. Our chairs are high quality and they are made from the finest materials, so you can count on them to last for a very long time. They are also attractive and stylish, as a nursing home can be an aesthetically pleasing environment as well as a practical and comfortable one.

The Importance of Good Quality Nursing Home Chairs

Chairs are a very important piece of furniture and we use them every day. Nursing home residents use the chairs when dining, socialising, watching television and performing other activities – so choosing the right chairs will ensure that they are comfortable. They need to be well-built and long lasting so that they will withstand daily use. Take a look at our range of nursing home chairs so that you can select the right furniture option for your needs.

Choosing the Right Chairs for Your Nursing Home

Amanda high back chair with Aston vinyl inner and Highland fabric outer

Selecting the chairs for your nursing home is a very important decision, as it can be the first thing that customers see of the establishment. The chairs and other furniture choices will form a first impression of the nursing home and with the increasingly competitive environment of the care home market this is becoming even more important.

The right nursing home chairs will transform the overall feel of a room and give it a welcoming and relaxing feel. This is very important, as care home residents often feel apprehensive when they move to a nursing home. If you can create an environment where they feel comfortable you will make the transition easier for them.

As well as attracting new residents, high quality nursing home chairs are also important for maintaining high satisfaction of existing residents. Residents want to feel at home and enjoy a relaxed and comfortable environment in their nursing home. When you have high quality nursing home chairs and other furniture, this will make the difference.

Also, choosing high quality and attractive nursing home chairs will improve the overall mood and morale of your nursing home residents. Poor quality, cheap furniture that is uncomfortable makes them feel like they are not worthwhile – but a high quality, attractive and comfortable chair to sit in will show them that they are in a nursing room that values their comfort. This makes a big difference in the overall mood and happiness of your residents.

To find out more about nursing home chairs and other furniture options, please feel free to contact us at any time. 

Lucien High seat high back chair

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