The Buckingham

Description - The Buckingham

The Buckingham Orthopedic fireside chair. Living room furniture should be very functional and it plays an active role in defining the aesthetics of a room. The Buckingham Padded Armchair comes across as a smart choice, high on style and form, with many features that make it a much better choice than standard upholstered chairs out there!

This fully-upholstered high chair uses premium fabric. The padded armchair has filled-in-sides, soft inviting seat, and back cushion, making it perfect for people who need to be seated for longer hours, especially the elders and those recuperating from any condition that reduces their mobility. The Buckingham is often referred to as medical-grade furniture because of its ability to reduce the pressure exerted along the hip and lower back. Highly recommended in many clinical settings and as a smarter furniture option in home care environments, this high seat furniture allows the aged to sit and rise from their seated position with greater ease.

The provision of multiple seat height & width options means you can choose the perfect lifestyle chair for your living room. The durable hand-built frame is fully upholstered with thick  fabric and foam-filled cushions ensure a snug seating. This orthopaedic chair features a smartly profiled back to provide more spinal support. Carefully profiled back of the fireside chair can be an easy way of relieving excess pressure along the hips. The lounge chair’s waterproof fabric has high fire resistance. The solid seams create a neat, elegant look. You can place this high back wing chair in the lounge or near the fireplace. Makes for an excellent gift that blends well into classically or contemporary styled home interiors!

Additional Dimensions:

  • The vertical measurement from the top of the seat cushion to the top of the seat arm is 7 inches.
  • From the top of the cushion to the top of the head rail 26 inches.

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