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Pre Assessment Clinic: Rapid Recovery Hip Replacement

This video takes you through what will happen at the Pre-Assessment Clinic that you will be asked to attend a few weeks before your operation. At the clinic a … source

Anaesthesia: Rapid Recovery Hip Replacement

All patients are assessed pre-operatively to establish the safest and most appropriate anaesthetic technique for each individual. Your anaesthetist will discuss … source

Walking Without Pain Thanks to Knee Replacement Surgery

After her knee replacement surgery with Samuel S. Blick, M.D., an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in knee and shoulder surgery at Orlando Orthopaedic … source

Yoga Instructor back to teaching after Total Shoulder Replacement

Donna Thomas, a life-long athlete and current yoga instructor, started noticing shoulder pain about four years ago caused by osteoarthritis. After numerous joint … source

Home-based physical therapy for elder hip fracture patients

Dr. Kate Mangione, professor of Physical Therapy at Arcadia University, discusses a study recently published in JAMA (Sept 2019) that looked at the effects of … source