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ACL Reconstruction: The Trans-Lateral Technique | ACL Surgery

At Hampshire Hosiptals NHS Foundation Trust we have been pioneering new ways of carrying out ACL Reconstruction surgery. The approach to Anatomical … source

The Healing Process | ACL Surgery

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Advancements in Total Joint Replacement Surgery with Dr. David Oberste

The last 20 years have revolutionized orthopedic total joint replacement surgical procedures. Dr. David Jason Oberste explains in this Healthbreak segment. source

How To Use Crutches Properly – The Nebraska Medical Center

This video draws upon the expertise of one of the physical therapists at The Nebraska Medical Center to show you the proper way to use crutches. Included are … source

Innovative Surgical Table Relieves Pain and Side Effects of Hip Surgery

The science behind a new surgical table is improving the experience of hip surgeries for patients. Madeleine Gehrke, 22, benefitted from the table during her … source