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Hip Avascular Necrosis Stem Cell Treatment at Regenexx

Dr. Jamil Bashir shows how Regenexx and the Regenexx Network of Physicians are very different and why we are leaders in the world of orthopedic stem cell … source

Joint Replacement Surgery | What is the Stryker Mako System, Part II?

Orthopedic surgeon Chris Gorczynski, Columbia Memorial Health in Hudson, NY, explains the Stryker Mako robotic surgical … source

Pre Assessment Clinic: Rapid Recovery Hip Replacement

This video takes you through what will happen at the Pre-Assessment Clinic that you will be asked to attend a few weeks before your operation. At the clinic a … source

Anaesthesia: Rapid Recovery Hip Replacement

All patients are assessed pre-operatively to establish the safest and most appropriate anaesthetic technique for each individual. Your anaesthetist will discuss … source