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ACL Reconstruction: The Trans-Lateral Technique | ACL Surgery

At Hampshire Hosiptals NHS Foundation Trust we have been pioneering new ways of carrying out ACL Reconstruction surgery. The approach to Anatomical … source

The Healing Process | ACL Surgery

The key message of this video is that you need to work with your Physio team to make sure your exercise and rehab programme helps your ACL to heal as … source

Important exercise ACL ligament surgery ke 45 din baad.

Acl surgery me proper exercise ka baut importance hai. Yahan dr naveen sharma bata rahe hain ki ACL kee surgery ke 45 din badd kya exercise karnee hai aur … source

ACL recovery six days after surgery and exercise.

We start exercise immediately after surgery. You can see in 6 days patient is having very good knee movement. Most of our patients have full movement in 2 to 3 … source

Computer Navigation for Ready Knee Procedure with Dr. Michael Higgins

Dr. Michael Higgins, Hip & Knee Replacement Specialist, explains how he uses computer assistance to do the Ready Knee procedure. Knee replacement … source