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Total Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery | The Best Thing I Ever Did

Patients experience relief from debilitating joint pain after total hip and knee replacement surgeries at Barnes Jewish West County Hospital. Our patients receive … source

Orthonova Hospital | Hip Replacement | Treatment | Dr. Harprit Singh

Hip replacement done 7 years back by Dr. Harprit Singh, Orthonova Hospital Jalandhar. The patient can sit on the floor and drives with ease. source

Mrs. Indira Knee Replacement, Before and After Video – Knee Hip Replacement

Dr Shrinand Vaidya is performing joint replacement surgery since 1991. This includes primary and revision hip and knee replacement for bone tumours. source

G. Daxton Steele, M.D. – Recovery from joint replacement surgery: What patients should expect?

G. Daxton Steele, M.D. talks about what a patient’s expectations should be after a hip or knee replacement surgery. source

Patient Testimonials | Total Hip Replacement Surgery in Hyderabad | Germanten Hospitals

After pain in his hip made daily life difficult, Mr . Rabul Islam turned to the orthopedic expert at Germanten Hospital for help. Dr. Mir Jawad Zar Khan, MD of … source