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Diet for AVN patients | Diet for Joint Pain patient | Diet Restriction for AVN patient

drvijayprakash #Topavndoctors #dietrestrictionforavnpatients In this video Dr. Vijay Prakash explain about each & every point of diet regulation for AVN patient. source

How to Manage Sacroiliac Joint Pain|AVN Avascular Necrosis |Ankylosing Spondylitis|Hip Pain Exercise

drvijayprakashkanpur #Topavndoctors #Bestavndoctor In this video Dr. Vijay Prakash explains about how to avoid sacroiliac joint pain at home. These exercises … source

Total Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery | The Best Thing I Ever Did

Patients experience relief from debilitating joint pain after total hip and knee replacement surgeries at Barnes Jewish West County Hospital. Our patients receive … source