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Important exercise ACL ligament surgery ke 45 din baad.

Acl surgery me proper exercise ka baut importance hai. Yahan dr naveen sharma bata rahe hain ki ACL kee surgery ke 45 din badd kya exercise karnee hai aur … source

11 ways to outwit the most common running injuries

As many as half of runners get injured every year. Watch to see what steps you can take to stay strong and pain-free mile after mile. Get more healthy living tips … source

How To Use Crutches Properly – The Nebraska Medical Center

This video draws upon the expertise of one of the physical therapists at The Nebraska Medical Center to show you the proper way to use crutches. Included are … source

Exercise and Physiotherapy | Osteotomy

You should EXERCISE your knee regularly for several weeks following your Osteotomy surgery to strengthen the muscles of your leg and knee. After your … source