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Bilateral Total Knee Replacement with Dr. Savyasachi Thakkar

Watch Dr. Savyasachi Thakkar, Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at Johns Hopkins Medicine (Columbia, MD), perform a bilateral Total Knee … source

Reducing the Challenges of Kinematic Knee Arthroplasty

Follow along as one of our surgeon partners describes how he uses KneeAlign to reduce the challenges that many surgeons face when performing a Kinematic … source

HipAlign – Webinar Presentation – Dr Durbhakula

HipAlign – Webinar Presentation – Dr Durbhakula To learn more about OrthAlign and how to incorporate it into your practice for Total Knee, Unicompartmental … source

Live HipAlign Surgical Video – Direct Anterior Through a Bikini Incision

Dr. Lutes demonstrates the use of HipAlign using a Direct Anterior Approach through a bikini incision. The HipAlign technology can be used with any THA … source