3 thoughts on “Paul 5 weeks after surgery

  1. Sally Godfrey says:

    hi,i had the BHR on 28.1.09 its now valentines day (also my b.day) & i have been walking without crutches for a week now,i know i shouldnt full weight bear but i am a bit of a rebel !! i have one leg slightly longer,approx 1 inch, but i feel this is a small price to pay for the fact that i am pain free & also jab free as i did my final stomach injection last night YEAH!!! ,good luck to all of you out there that might be going for this op, you will have a new lease of life.xxx

  2. hammydon65 says:

    it's Birmingham Hip resurfacing – which is a different device from a total hip replacement.

    Recovery can vary wildly – each patient is different. in this video i was barely able to walk without the cane – it was difficult – but possible.

    Are you allowed full weight bearing at this point?

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