Post-Stroke Exercises (Part 1: Upper Limb)

A physiotherapist explains safe upper limb exercises for stroke patients. This Singapore health video is brought to you by SGH and SingHealth, the largest …


25 thoughts on “Post-Stroke Exercises (Part 1: Upper Limb)

  1. Rosalia Alecia says:

    I know how hurting and painful it is having our loved ones down with acute stroke or partial stroke or totally paralyzed –I am just using this medium to pass a very vital information to everyone who has their loved ones down with stroke, so you can as well do what I did to help my aunt recover from paralysis and stroke .
    it all started when my 67 years old aunt she came to visit me and she was complaining of feeling weak, we were preparing to go for a medical checkup when she went down. I rushed her to the hospital and behold I was told she was paralyzed; I cried when I heard this, I knew I am in for real trouble.Half of her body was gone, she could not talk, her tongue was twisted and the doctor told me it has affected her brain.I did all I could,I even employed a therapist; the therapist charges $2,000 monthly on a two times a week therapy session,
    But 5 months ago I was introduced to a natural solution that changed the life of my aunt, and brought joy to our home,At first she started recovering her memories and her voice became audible, she was fast responding and she was doing certain things herself .We went to see the doctor for our check up as usual and the doctor said, the dead cells are getting back to life and he has never experienced a recovery like this .
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  2. Dr. Rajesh Gupta says:

    For physiotherapy treatment at home in vasundhara, indirapuram in ghaziabad, call Elderly physiotherapy group – 9810267969 / 8447064473. We treat ONLY parkinsons, paralysis, knee replacement and surgery patients.

  3. Ehsan Alsleman says:

    بسم الله

    الاسم: احسان خالد السليمان
    العمر: 34
    الجنسية: سوري
    حاصل على دبلوم معالجة فيزيائية من جامعة حلب

    اعادة تأهيل مرضى الجلطات والشلل الدماغي

    اعادة تأهيل لمرضى اصابات الدماغ والعمود الفقري
    تأهيل ماقبل وبعد العمليات الجراحية
    العلاج الكهربائي لضعف العضلات

    زيارات منزلية او زيارات للمشافي والمراكز الطبية داخل مدينة الرياض فقط

    زيارة المعاينة مجانية
    للتواصل اتصال او وتس


  4. Hazel Hazel says:

    cannot believe this because i observed a rehab doctor yank a patient's arm in sharp movements and the next day the patient complained of having pain in the limb when there was previously no pain until that happened, i fee like this was done purposely to create a need for medication and botox injections; also observed that here in Canada not much emphasis is placed on functional arm recovery in early treatment they work on leg mobility with much success but neglect the upper limb – they could learn a lot from you guys in Singapore

  5. maciej krawczyk says:

    plegic upper extremity must not be rised passively over 90 degrees of flexion in supine lying!!!!!!! It might provoke paifull shoulder……Please rise it maximum up to 90 degrees or do it in side- lying but scapula is supposed to be also moved

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